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Unlucky 15 for Dash, Keys

Trends are an important part of baseball. Managers and coaches rely on them to set up strategy, while players use them to determine their approach on the mound, in the field or at the plate.

Generally speaking, weather can be extremely unpredictable. Forecasts can change from hour-to-hour, giving meteorologists nightmares whenever their predictions are wrong. But a trend has even emerged among Mother Nature during this baseball season: the Winston-Salem Dash and Frederick Keys will have their game postponed if it is scheduled on the 15th of the month at BB&T Ballpark.

Tarp covers the field at BB&T Ballpark on Thursday, May 15.

Tarp covers the field at BB&T Ballpark on Thursday, May 15.

On Tuesday, April 15, the Dash and Keys were slated to begin a three-game series in the Triad, but rain disrupted those plans, causing a doubleheader for that Wednesday. It was the first of three times in April where weather altered Winston-Salem’s schedule.

Fast-forward to Thursday, May 15, with the Dash and Keys set to begin a four-game series at BB&T Ballpark. Once again, Mother Nature got in the way, leading to this evening’s doubleheader.

It’s purely coincidence that Frederick was the scheduled opponent on both occasions, and that both postponements were on the 15th of the month. Still, we couldn’t help but look at the remaining schedule to see if the Dash and Keys will play on the 15th during the rest of the season.

Thankfully, they don’t. All of the remaining series with Frederick occur after the All-Star Break: June 25-27 and July 19-21 in Maryland, as well as July 29-31 at BB&T Ballpark.

Even with something as volatile and unpredictable as weather, baseball has a strange and fascinating way of producing trends. Remember last year when we discovered the key to quick baseball games? Simply offer all-you-can-eat food!

Since it’s the 16th of the month, the Dash and Keys will be able to play baseball. Two games, in fact. Stay tuned later for a preview of Friday’s doubleheader.

– Dave

Scary weather near MiLB cities

A powerful weather patter has affected much of the country over the last few days, and the thunderstorms are slowly moving east. Last night, the White Sox Double-A affiliate was in the path of a dangerous supercell that prompted a tornado warning.

As a result, the Barons’ game in Chattanooga was suspended in the seventh inning, during which Birmingham scored four runs. Chris Bassitt summed it up well.

Unfortunately, Chattanooga was not the only Minor League city in the way of these crazy storms. A massive, rotating thunderstorm was bearing down on Birmingham.

The storm did dissipate before reaching the downtown area, which was a huge break for the downtown area. Storms with tornadic motion normally have a “hook” at the bottom of the cell. The tweet below shows the weakening of the cell just before hitting downtown Birmingham.

The home city of another Southern League city was not so lucky. Pearl, Miss., where the Mississippi Braves play, was hit hard by a tornado. The images are horrifying.

This storm system will continue its slow trek to the east, and folks throughout the Carolina League should heed former Dash All-Star Chris Beck’s words.

The forecast calls for the most dangerous weather over the next few days to be south of Winston-Salem. Still, it is not a storm to take lightly, and severe weather is likely over the next 36-48 hours.

Our thoughts go out to all those who were affected by these powerful storms. Stay safe the rest of the week.

– Brian

SNOW-pening Day?

For the first time this winter, Winston-Salem received a significant amount of snow. We captured some of the sights from before, during and after the storm.


The snow began during the early afternoon hours yesterday, and it came down for a few hours.


It was relieving to know we were only 65 days away from Opening Day during yesterday’s storm.


Even though it creates some tough driving conditions, snow always creates awesome images. Check out the sun-drenched entrance to BB&T Ballpark this afternoon.


These walkways will be buzzing in about two months.


Snow even covered the seats closest to the field.


A batter’s eye view of a snowy view.


BB&T Ballpark looks good in any weather.


And here is the “before” look…well before the storm. These stands will be packed in 64 days for the Dash’s Opening Day!

– Brian

Baseball in Winston-Salem yesterday

Even though the Dash were in Myrtle Beach last night, there was a Minor League Baseball game in Winston-Salem on Sunday. The same weather pattern that has allowed the Dash to only take batting practice twice on the road since June 28 has also played tricks on the Burlington Royals.

Burlington, Kansas City’s Appalachian League affiliate, had played just four innings of baseball from Wednesday through Saturday. Rain had decimated Burlington Athletic Stadium to the point that a helicopter was brought in as an attempt to dry the field. Check it out.

Photo courtesy of the Burlington Royals

Photo courtesy of the Burlington Royals

Thus, the B-Royals worked out a deal with Wake Forest University to play a game at the Dash’s old stadium, Ernie Shore Field. The plan was to play a split-site doubleheader, with one game in Winston and the second in Burlington, but wet grounds forced another postponement after the Royals fell to Kingsport 6-4 yesterday afternoon.

Burlington and Kingsport will try to play a twin bill this afternoon beginning at 3, but this one will take place in another different location.


Bob’s tweet about the “Carolina Royals” is facetious, but they certainly deserve that name thanks to their season. What a wild week.

– Brian

Why there is a doubleheader today

The Dash have arrived in Salem for a five-game, four-day series that kicks off today with a doubleheader. Why are we playing a twin bill today? This picture should sum it up fairly easily.


This picture was taken in between games of the scheduled doubleheader back on May 23. Salem’s grounds crew fell victim to some incredibly high winds, and the tarp did not make it on the field in advance of a heavy thunderstorm.

The infield, obviously, was a disaster after the storm rolled through the Roanoke Valley, and the back end of that twin bill was pushed to today.

Unfortunately, when the team arrived today, they were greeted by the tarp. However, the execution was much better.


It always seems to be an adventure from a weather standpoint when the Dash travel to Salem. Remember the electricity debacle, which resulted in a tie, back in 2012?

Fortunately, the tarp is coming off the field as I type, so we are hoping to play two today in a cloudy Salem. I’ll talk to you at 5:15 p.m. for the Pregame Dash here.

– Brian

Snow at BB&T Ballpark

This is not an original idea, but it is a great one: pictures of snowfall inside baseball stadiums! After last night’s snowstorm, BB&T Ballpark looked very different than it does during the season.

Before the pictures, though, I want to congratulate one of my best friends, Aaron Goldsmith, on becoming the new radio broadcaster for the Seattle Mariners. Aaron and I worked together with the Frisco RoughRiders in 2011, and we have developed a tremendous friendship. He is one of baseball’s nicest people, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

He was with the Pawtucket Red Sox last season, and he did a similar blog post a few days ago when snow moved through Rhode Island. So, congratulate him by giving his blog a few more clicks before he turns it over to a new broadcast team in Pawtucket.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of snow at BB&T Ballpark:


The view from the Womble Carlyle Club.


The warning track around the ballpark looked ready for a game…a hockey game.


Seats in the shade this morning still had plenty of snow on them.


The berm looks a bit different.


There was plenty of ice around the park, too.


Only 84 days until the home opener, even if it doesn’t look like it.

Drive safely today, and enjoy the rare chance to see snow!

– Brian