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PHOTOS: After the winter storm

Check out some of the sights after Winter Storm Pax rolled through Winston-Salem. We hope all of our fans are safe and warm after this inclement weather.

First and foremost, I arrived at the ballpark this morning to see this view after my baseball equipment experiment


After some digging, I learned that the base and the bat fell down due to the wind associated with the storm. I cleared off some of the snow and lined them up again.


The bat (laying in the background) was obviously taller than the snow, and the base barely emerged. However, the helmet was completely submerged, as you can see by this photo after I dug it out of the snow.


So, in other words, it snowed more than a helmet and almost as much as a base. Here are a few other shots from BB&T Ballpark.


No green showing at this point.


The dugout isn’t quite baseball ready.


You can’t even see the steps!

Because of the snowy conditions, Bolt tried his luck at some sledding…



Bolt even made some new friends while out on the hill…




Check out some of the local coverage of Bolt’s olympic-like efforts from Fox 8 and the Winston-Salem Journal.

– Brian

Snow measured in baseball units

By this time tomorrow, Winston-Salem will be covered in snow and ice. We thought it would be fun to figure out, in baseball terms, how much snow we will receive.

As you can see in the picture below, we have lined up four baseball objects at BB&T Ballpark in advance of the storm. They will remain like that until the snow ends. The question is–how many of these items will be covered in snow by the end of the storm?


What are your predictions? How far will the snow cover the bat? Can the helmet and the base stand tall over the snow? We will post the results once the storm blows through.

On a serious note, please stay safe during this dangerous storm. Drive slowly and alertly, because roads will be in bad shape.

– Brian

SNOW-pening Day?

For the first time this winter, Winston-Salem received a significant amount of snow. We captured some of the sights from before, during and after the storm.


The snow began during the early afternoon hours yesterday, and it came down for a few hours.


It was relieving to know we were only 65 days away from Opening Day during yesterday’s storm.


Even though it creates some tough driving conditions, snow always creates awesome images. Check out the sun-drenched entrance to BB&T Ballpark this afternoon.


These walkways will be buzzing in about two months.


Snow even covered the seats closest to the field.


A batter’s eye view of a snowy view.


BB&T Ballpark looks good in any weather.


And here is the “before” look…well before the storm. These stands will be packed in 64 days for the Dash’s Opening Day!

– Brian

Snow at BB&T Ballpark

This is not an original idea, but it is a great one: pictures of snowfall inside baseball stadiums! After last night’s snowstorm, BB&T Ballpark looked very different than it does during the season.

Before the pictures, though, I want to congratulate one of my best friends, Aaron Goldsmith, on becoming the new radio broadcaster for the Seattle Mariners. Aaron and I worked together with the Frisco RoughRiders in 2011, and we have developed a tremendous friendship. He is one of baseball’s nicest people, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

He was with the Pawtucket Red Sox last season, and he did a similar blog post a few days ago when snow moved through Rhode Island. So, congratulate him by giving his blog a few more clicks before he turns it over to a new broadcast team in Pawtucket.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of snow at BB&T Ballpark:


The view from the Womble Carlyle Club.


The warning track around the ballpark looked ready for a game…a hockey game.


Seats in the shade this morning still had plenty of snow on them.


The berm looks a bit different.


There was plenty of ice around the park, too.


Only 84 days until the home opener, even if it doesn’t look like it.

Drive safely today, and enjoy the rare chance to see snow!

– Brian