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Bolt at the Centers for Exceptional Children

Earlier this week, Bolt paid a visit to the The Centers for Exceptional Children and had a great time with some of the youngsters. The photos below depict just some of the great memories that Bolt provided those who are at CFEC.








The last photo features Mike Britt, the Executive Director of the Centers for Exceptional Children.

Bolt certainly made a difference this week! We hope all those who interacted with Bolt at the CFEC enjoyed their time with him!

– Brian and Mimi

PHOTOS: After the winter storm

Check out some of the sights after Winter Storm Pax rolled through Winston-Salem. We hope all of our fans are safe and warm after this inclement weather.

First and foremost, I arrived at the ballpark this morning to see this view after my baseball equipment experiment


After some digging, I learned that the base and the bat fell down due to the wind associated with the storm. I cleared off some of the snow and lined them up again.


The bat (laying in the background) was obviously taller than the snow, and the base barely emerged. However, the helmet was completely submerged, as you can see by this photo after I dug it out of the snow.


So, in other words, it snowed more than a helmet and almost as much as a base. Here are a few other shots from BB&T Ballpark.


No green showing at this point.


The dugout isn’t quite baseball ready.


You can’t even see the steps!

Because of the snowy conditions, Bolt tried his luck at some sledding…



Bolt even made some new friends while out on the hill…




Check out some of the local coverage of Bolt’s olympic-like efforts from Fox 8 and the Winston-Salem Journal.

– Brian

Fourth of July at BB&T Ballpark

Since moving into BB&T Ballpark in 2010, the Dash have hosted a pair of games on the Fourth of July. They return home tomorrow night to do it once more as they begin an eight-game homestand with the first of four against the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. Here are some pictures from the first two Fourth of July games in the park’s history.

July 4, 2011:


With plenty of military men and women in attendance, the festivities kicked off with a military-themed first pitch.


Bolt was in a festive mood, getting ready to fire some T-shirts into the crowd of 6,546.


Dash fans were treated to some beautiful scenes prior to the game, but once the game began it was all about the Salem Red Sox who jumped out to an 8-1 lead and withstood a Dash rally to win 9-7.

July 4, 2012:


Dash fans packed BB&T Ballpark last Fourth of July, setting a new ballpark record with 7,285 in attendance.

070412_JS-0180The berm was packed with Dash fans too last year, however fans looked on as the Dash surrendered six runs in the second inning on their way to an 8-4 loss to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.


The festivities wrapped with a fireworks show after the game, concluding a record-setting day at BB&T Ballpark.

The Dash host Myrtle Beach tomorrow at BB&T Ballpark with the 7 p.m. game to be followed by an extended fireworks show presented by our friends at WilcoHess. We are expecting another huge crowd, so we hope to see you there!

– Rob

(Thanks to Steve Orcutt, Jody Stewart, and Dan Barber for their photographic skills shown above)

Bolt Balls Out

Many people wonder what Bolt does during the offseason. Well, one of Bolt’s activities is to completely dominate some mascot basketball.

Bolt and 10 other mascots took part in a basketball game at halftime of NC State’s women’s basketball game last night, and there was a clear superstar.

Bolt was the leading scorer as he led his team–which consisted of Sir Purr (Panthers), Rufus (Bobcats), Lugnut (Charlotte Motor Speedway) and Bingo (Burlington Royals)–to a shutout victory.

Here are some pictures of Bolt from last night.


Bolt poses with some of his best friends from around the area.


Bolt is such a floor general.


Rufus from the Bobcats joins Bolt for a special moment.


By the end of the night, Bolt was ready to sit down and enjoy the game.

It was a fun night for Bolt at NC State. It seems like he is in midseason form. You can see Bolt at BB&T Ballpark for the first time in 2013 in exactly seven weeks!

For now, you may run into him dropping dimes and getting buckets at a basketball court near you.

– Brian

The Weekend In Pictures

It was an eventful weekend for the Dash. From our first “Breakfast with Santa” event to the 22nd-annual Winston-Salem Jaycees Downtown Holiday Parade, we recap the weekend in photos below.


Santa’s setup in the Womble Carlyle Club was pretty nifty.


Bolt found a new best friend!


This Bolt character is pretty popular with the ladies, too.


Bolt waving to all of his fans.


Thanks to Russ, Jay, Bolt, Kayla, Brandon, Matt, Darren and Chris for their extra effort this weekend.

Hope you ran into the Dash at some point this weekend! Have a great Monday.

– Brian

Why The Dash Are Thankful

Thanksgiving week is here, and the Dash wish you and yours a tremendous holiday weekend. We are thankful for so much, so we wanted to share some of these things with you, our loyal readers.

The Dash are thankful for…

  • all 305,515 fans who visited BB&T Ballpark for the 2012 season.
  • an All-Star season, capped by a 9-1 victory in the Midsummer Classic.
  • having the MVP (Dan Black) and the Manager of the Year (Tommy Thompson) in Winston-Salem.
  • the decimal .630. It was the Dash’s 2012 winning percentage, good for the best in full-season minor league baseball.
  • large windows in the control room so that they can see T-Rock bust a move to “Tricky” and “Call Me Maybe.”
  • Brady Shoemaker’s first-half dominance.
  • Kevan Smith’s playoff prowess.
  • having the opportunity to see highly-touted prospects Jackie Bradley, Dylan Bundy, Billy Hamilton and George Springer, among others, play at BB&T Ballpark.
  • the potential of the 2013 squad, with players like Courtney Hawkins, Erik Johnson, Scott Snodgress and Keenyn Walker candidates to begin the season in the Triad.
  • the fact that things like Bolt, Lemonheads, ZOOperstars mean something to folks in Winston-Salem.
  • a beautiful ballpark that features family-friendly entertainment all summer long.
  • the 2013 season, which is just 136 days away.

Have a tremendous Thanksgiving, and thank you so much for reading this blog all season long. Enjoy your turkey.

– Brian

2013 Schedule Analysis (Second Half)

Bolt is ready for the Dash’s 2013 season. Are you ready to join him?

Winston-Salem’s 2013 schedule came out yesterday, and excitement is already building for the club’s fourth go-around inside BB&T Ballpark.

Yesterday, we broke down the key games of the first half. Now it’s time to examine the important dates during the final 70 games of the regular season:

  • July 4 v. Myrtle Beach: The Fourth of July and baseball go together well, and the Dash will play at BB&T Ballpark on our nation’s birthday. Last season, the Dash set a BB&T Ballpark attendance record with 7,285 fans at their Fourth of July loss to Myrtle Beach. Winston will have a chance at revenge against the Pelicans in 2013.
  • July 10 v. Potomac: Winston-Salem’s final “early” game of the season comes in the middle of July against Potomac, a team that the Dash swept in all 10 games at BB&T Ballpark in 2012. The Dash will host a pair of 11:00 a.m. games April 24 and May 8 along with two noon games June 26 and July 10. It is always fun to play hookey and take in a baseball game, and this will be the Triad’s final chance next season.
  • August 24-26 v. Myrtle Beach: The two best teams in the Carolina League during the regular season were Winston-Salem and Myrtle Beach. The Pelicans challenged the Dash in the second-half division chase and took Winston-Salem to a winner-take-all Game 3 in the Southern Division Championship Series, and the Rangers tend to stock Myrtle with solid prospects. This series, which marks the final regular season meeting between the two squads, could be meaningful down the stretch in 2013.
  • August 30 v. Potomac: The Dash clinched the second-half crown August 30, 2012. Exactly one year later, Winston-Salem will conclude their home slate with a “Fireworks Friday” clash against the P-Nats. Hopefully the Dash will not be saying “so long” to BB&T Ballpark on this night. Instead, maybe it’ll be a “see you in the playoffs” moment.
  • September 2 at Wilmington: Game #140 always features a wide range of emotions, but the main question will be this: what will the Dash do after making the 7-hour trip back to Winston-Salem on Labor Day? Will the playoffs be on the docket, or will the players be heading home?

The games highlighted above will be fun and could be meaningful. Either way, we know what journey the Dash will have to take to get back to the playoffs. I can’t wait to begin that trip to begin April 5 at Carolina.

– Brian

Last Chance to Vote Bolt to Round Two


Voting for the first round of the “Mascot Madness” tournament ends tomorrow night at 11:59 p.m., and Bolt is locked up in a tight race with Clearwater’s mascot, Phinley.

You can vote up to 25 times for Bolt, so be sure to help Bolt live up to the title of “everyone’s favorite mascot.”

If Bolt advances to the second round, the opponent will be either Muddy the Mudcat (Carolina Mudcats) or Strike the Sasquatch (Northwest Arkansas Naturals).

Phinley has proven to be quite a challenge, and the vote is close. Be sure to help Bolt move on to round two!

– Brian

25 Reasons to Vote for Bolt 25 Times

In case you didn’t know, everyone’s favorite mascot Bolt is in the field of 64 for this year’s “Mascot Madness” tournament through Minor League Baseball.

You can vote up to 25 times, so…


Why should you vote 25 times? Well, Dash “Director of Fun” Trey Kalny has come up with a GREAT list. Hopefully this piques your interest enough to vote for Bolt once (or 25 times).

1) Disney named a movie after him (please don’t sue us Walt).

Bolt can outrun Usain Bolt (Wikipedia).

2) (Usain) Bolt will be in the Olympics this summer.

3) He’s a natural redhead and proud of it.

4) He’s won title bouts all over the world, including Las Vegas, Nevada; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Tokyo, Japan; Minsk, Belarus; and Ulaan Bataar, Mongolia.

5) Unlike Phinley from the Clearwater Threshers (Bolt’s first-round matchup), he can breathe on land.

6) He uses his Mohawk to sweep up the competition (because it’s really a broom).

7) Because with the purse money, he might be able to buy some pants that fit.

8) Because his likeness is used as currency in the Ratchet & Clark video game series. Seriously.

9) Because Elmo looks like him (rather than he looks like Elmo).

10) Because he has his own ballet.

11) Because Bolt is an anagram for Blot and he plans to blot out the competition.

12) Because DC Comics has a series of comics named after him, “The Brave and the Bolt” (or because he was the inspiration behind the show Batman: The Brave and the Bolt).

13) Because he was the inspiration behind Star Trek’s slogan “To Bolt-ly go where no man has gone before.”

14) Because his dance moves leave fans “bolt over” in amazement.

The Chargers will be supporting the Dash’s “Bolt.”

15) Because the San Diego Chargers use his symbol on their helmets.

16) William Faulkner considered naming his masterpiece after him (No Sound and the Furry).

17) He’s a (Bolt)lock to win.

18) He’ll fasten together a winning streak to win it all.

19) “No great discovery was ever made without a ‘Bolt’ guess.”- Isaac Newton

20) “Fortune befriends the ‘Bolt.'”- Emily Dickinson

21) He has his own soap opera (“The Bolt and the Beautiful”).

22) You’ll never hear him tell a “bolt-faced lie.”

23) Whether you like it or not, his striking figure lights up a room (weather pun).

24) Because you can’t spell trouble without Bolt and the rest of these mascots are in a whole lot of trouble.

25) Buses in the Northeast are named after him because of his lightning quick speed.

The key to all of this is simple: Vote for Bolt!

Bolt Needs Votes


Second chances do not come around often. For Dash mascot Bolt, a second chance has arrived.

You see, our good friend Bolt has been here before. Bolt destroyed a hometown favorite mascot before narrowly losing to the defending champion in a “Mascot Madness” challenge.

Another tournament is here, and it involves 64 mascots within minor league baseball.

Our goal is to help Bolt take the crown. Please vote for Bolt in the first round against Clearwater Threshers mascot Phinley by clicking the link at the top of the page.

We’ll leave you with this–Bolt’s biography. It is tremendous:

“Since my arrival in 2009, I’ve taken Winston-Salem by storm. My deceptive speed and electric personality make me the perfect mascot for the Dash. I am neither bear, nor dog, nor bear-dog, but rather a Bleacher Creature (Bleacherus creaturus). My notable achievements include most belly shakes in one minute (423); most high-fours in a single game (3,202,009); and a more ignominious distinction — a 210-game losing streak in Musical Chairs. I provide our fans with high-voltage entertainment, and, just like the dash in the city’s name links two proud communities, I bring people together with the greatest gift of all: laughter.”

Vote for Bolt!

– Brian


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