Top 10 of 2013 – #10: Dash clinch winning record

The 2013 season is over, but there were plenty of memorable moments. Over the next two weeks, we will count down the Top 10 moments of the Dash era’s fifth season.

Moment #10 – September 2
Dash clinch winning record in season finale

The Dash have shared more postgame high fives than most High-A teams lately.

The Dash have shared more postgame high fives than most High-A teams lately.

The phrase “kissing your sister” has been used to describe a tie, which is increasingly rare in the world of sports. A .500 record is the season-long equivalent of this phrase, and the Dash were in danger of posting a 70-70 record on the final day of the season.

Winston-Salem’s late surge allowed the club to dream of life without a sibling kiss this year. The Dash won 10 of 12 in advance of the regular season finale to improve to 70-69. In that Labor Day clash in Wilmington, the Dash and Blue Rocks went to extra innings, and a wild pitch in the 10th proved to be the difference in a 5-4 Winston win. As a result, the Dash finished with a 71-69 record.

The way the Dash won this game is not nearly as important as the ramifications of this victory. Since Winston-Salem became the Dash prior to the 2009 season, the franchise has recorded four winning records in five tries. During this period, Winston boasts the best overall record in the Carolina League.

Among all 30 Class A-Advanced teams, Winston-Salem is one of three clubs with a winning record in four of the last five seasons. Only the Modesto Nuts (Colorado) and the San Jose Giants (San Francisco), a pair of California League squads, share this distinction with the Dash.

While playoff baseball did not come to Winston-Salem in 2013, Ryan Newman’s club still continued a winning tradition here in the Triad, even if another victorious season was not guaranteed until the final day.

The Dash’s ninth-best moment also took place in Delaware. We’ll tell you about that tomorrow here on the blog.

– Brian

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