When a foul ball meets a computer screen

The Dash’s series finale at Carolina was quite an interesting contest. Winston-Salem jumped out to an 8-2 lead before holding on for an 8-7 victory. The key play of the game came in the top of the seventh when Adam Heisler launched a three-run blast to right, giving the Dash their six-run cushion.

The pitch immediately before Heisler’s homer was pretty important in the visiting radio booth. Heisler fouled off a tough 0-2 pitch, and the ball came screaming back toward our perch at Five County Stadium. My personal computer had no chance…


I tried to reach around the monitor to make the catch, but my lack of athleticism and poor reaction time cost me once again.

The craziest part of the story is that Rob and I were discussing foul balls flying into radio booths DURING THIS AT-BAT! The clip is hysterical and eerie at the same time.

Here is a clearer view of our radio booth in Zebulon. Heisler’s foul ball barely arched over the net and darted toward the right side of my computer monitor.


The news made its way around Twitter, with Kannapolis’ account coming up with the best tweet of the night.

Fortunately, my computer’s hard drive survived the impact, and I’m already working with another computer. Plus, I gained quite a unique souvenir, and I had to make sure that Heisler took credit for it.


Heisler was such a great sport about the incident, and we shared some laughs during our pregame conversation Sunday. I promise you, though, that I will be much more alert when Heisler is at the plate, especially in two-strike counts.

– Brian

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