Friday funnies

The Dash and Mudcats are a few hours away from kicking off a three-game series at Five County Stadium. With many of you approaching a long weekend, we figured to give you some quick laughs and quirks before heading off to your holiday destinations.

After last night’s game in Salem, the Dash hit the road for Zebulon, N.C. There was some, well, unique deliberation about the movie choice on the bus.

Also last night, 2012 Dash skipper Tommy Thompson had quite an exit last night when Low-A Kannapolis played Hickory.

(H/T to @TepidP for the link on Twitter)

The Intimidators and Crawdads played in arguably the wackiest game of the minor league season thus far this season. In the bottom of the ninth inning, Hickory’s Jordan Akins hit a long fly down down the left field line. It was originally ruled a home run, but the umpire duo reversed the call AFTER Akins rounded the bases and celebrated with his teammates.

Take a listen to the highlights from the ninth inning from Kannapolis play-by-play broadcaster Josh Feldman.

Unfortunately, the ‘Dads rallied from a four-run 12th-inning deficit to stun the Intimidators 7-6. You can check out the full Kannapolis game story here. Plus, Feldman covers it more in his Intimidating Insight blog here.

The Dash and Muddies kick off their series tonight at 7:15 p.m. The Pregame Dash begins at 7 p.m., and you can listen live here. Talk to you then.

– Brian

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