All-You-Can-Eat Night by the numbers

Last night, BB&T Ballpark hosted its first ever All-You-Can-Eat Night! This was one of the most crowded events on a Thursday night in the history of BB&T Ballpark, with 4,219 fans in attendance.

In our debut of All-You-Can-Eat Night, Dash fans consumed more than 7,400 hot dogs, hamburgers or cheeseburgers. That’s 1,160 pounds of food in seven innings!

Check out some photos from last night:


Firing up the grill for All-You-Can-Eat Night!


Hot dog buns galore!


The grill was certainly very busy.


Our younger Dash fans ate as many hot dogs as they could handle (or as many as Mom told them could eat anyway)!


What good is ballpark food without ketchup and mustard?


Fans waiting to get their share of All-You-Can-Eat Night!


Check out that crowd!

Tonight, the Dash are scheduled to take on the Wilmington Blue Rocks at 7 p.m. at BB&T Ballpark! Stay tuned to the Dash’s website, Facebook page or Twitter feed for more information on the game.

– Erika and Curt


wow thats alot of food. And alot of fans almost a sell out.I bet the food lines never ended.🙂

Take that vegetarians!

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