Dash Top 10: #8 – 10-Game Win Streak

Marcus Semien (center) celebrates his grand slam April 25 against Potomac during the Dash’s 10-game win streak (Steve Orcutt/W-S Dash).

This is the third installment of the “Dash Top 10,” where we rehash the top 10 moments from the Dash’s historic 2012 season. Stay tuned to the Dash Board Blog for the rest of the series over the next two weeks.

Previous Top 10 Moments:
#10: Second-half clinch
#9: Hankerd’s walk-off

Moment #8 (May 1): Dash-high 10-game winning streak concludes with 15-6 win at Potomac.

On April 21, the Dash were 7-8. There was no talk about the best record in the minor leagues or a Carolina League postseason run. Quite frankly, Winston-Salem’s start was not eye-popping.

Fans should not overemphasize early returns in the game of baseball, and the Dash proved this in 2012. Winston-Salem was nothing special through 15 games. Then, Winston did not lose again until May 2.

For the first time since becoming the Dash, Winston won 10 consecutive games from April 22 to May 1. The final victory during this run was a 15-6 blowout in Potomac that featured the Dash’s highest run output of the first half.

Throughout the 10-game winning streak, the Dash outscored their opponents 86-35. Winston-Salem recorded its most lopsided victory of the campaign during the run (14-0 versus Potomac, April 25), and the Dash hit a season-high five homers in their triumph five days later at Potomac.

This 10-day journey also brought about a great feature on Twitter and on the blog: #DashWinStreakFacts. You can relive those facts here and here. A couple of our favorites:

– Wins by the Dash in their last 10 games: 10. Wins by the Charlotte Bobcats in their last 66 games: 7. (From former pitcher Jake Petricka)

– National US avg price for a gallon of gas at start of streak: $3.84. National US avg price for a gallon of gas at end of streak: $3.80. (From Dash Director of Statistical Research Caleb Pardick)

The Dash were the talk of the Carolina League in 2012, and the club’s incredible season truly began with this 10-game winning streak, which propelled Winston-Salem to its second-best season since joining the Carolina League in 1945.

After winning 10 straight, the Dash were definitely for real.

Stay tuned for the Dash’s seventh-best moment from the 2012 campaign, which featured three hours of frustration followed by a 17-minute comeback that stunned even the most optimistic Dash fans. We’ll have that for you tomorrow. Talk to you then.

– Brian


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