Stat Of The Year, Part II?

When a team embarks on a 140-game journey, there will inevitably be some crazy statistics and trends that appear throughout the campaign.

A month ago, the Dash became the second-to-last full-season minor league team to use a left-hander as a reliever. Today, I present you with another bizarre trend: Myrtle Beach is copying Winston-Salem.

Well, in fairness, it may be that the Dash are copying the Pelicans. Since August 1, Winston and Myrtle have been in a first place tie in the Southern Division’s second-half standings, and the two teams have not budged ever since. Check it out:

August 1:
Winston-Salem loses to Wilmington, 9-4
Myrtle Beach loses to Carolina, 5-0

August 2:
Winston-Salem defeats Wilmington 6-4
Myrtle Beach defeats Carolina 3-0

August 3:
Winston-Salem defeats Potomac 6-4
Myrtle Beach defeats Frederick 4-1

August 4:
Winston-Salem defeats Potomac 10-8
Myrtle Beach defeats Frederick 4-3

August 5:
Winston-Salem defeats Potomac 6-4
Myrtle Beach defeats Frederick 3-2

August 6:
League-wide off day

August 7:
Winston-Salem falls to Wilmington 2-1
Myrtle Beach falls to Potomac 5-1

August 8:
Winston-Salem defeats Wilmington 8-0
Myrtle Beach defeats Potomac 9-2

August 9:
Winston-Salem defeats Wilmington 9-2
Myrtle Beach defeats Potomac 11-2

August 10:
Winston-Salem defeats Potomac 6-0
Myrtle Beach defeats Frederick 8-0

August 11:
Winston-Salem falls to Potomac 6-4
Myrtle Beach falls to Frederick 8-2

During this crazy span, the Dash are outscoring their opponents by 21 (60-39), while the Pelicans have a 16-run edge on their opposition (44-28). These two teams have been as even as you can be for the last 11 days.

The question is…how long will this trend last? The last possible date is August 24, when the Dash and Pelicans open up a three-game series that could go a long way in determining the second-half champion. Until then, let the tie continue!

– Brian

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