Bolt Needs Votes


Second chances do not come around often. For Dash mascot Bolt, a second chance has arrived.

You see, our good friend Bolt has been here before. Bolt destroyed a hometown favorite mascot before narrowly losing to the defending champion in a “Mascot Madness” challenge.

Another tournament is here, and it involves 64 mascots within minor league baseball.

Our goal is to help Bolt take the crown. Please vote for Bolt in the first round against Clearwater Threshers mascot Phinley by clicking the link at the top of the page.

We’ll leave you with this–Bolt’s biography. It is tremendous:

“Since my arrival in 2009, I’ve taken Winston-Salem by storm. My deceptive speed and electric personality make me the perfect mascot for the Dash. I am neither bear, nor dog, nor bear-dog, but rather a Bleacher Creature (Bleacherus creaturus). My notable achievements include most belly shakes in one minute (423); most high-fours in a single game (3,202,009); and a more ignominious distinction — a 210-game losing streak in Musical Chairs. I provide our fans with high-voltage entertainment, and, just like the dash in the city’s name links two proud communities, I bring people together with the greatest gift of all: laughter.”

Vote for Bolt!

– Brian


I’ll admit I’m not the most techno-savvy Bolt fan.
I tried to click every link in this blog so I could vote for him.
Fail. No luck.
Could you re-post how to do this and if I’m too stupid to figure it out, well, never mind.

Mike: Click on the “VOTE HERE FOR BOLT” link. Then, once you arrive at the new page, check out the “South” bracket. Bolt is in that bracket. In order to officially vote, you must fill out the information at the bottom. Also note, you do NOT have to vote for every other matchup (although it is fun!).

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