Tale of the Tape: Bolt vs. Gorlok

I hope you all had a great weekend. I apologize for being a little late with this post, but it is time for a mascot breakdown. After pummeling Wilbur from the University of Arizona in round one, everyone’s favorite mascot Bolt is back in Mascot Madness action tomorrow against the Gorlok from Webster University. This is the matchup of the tournament so far, and here’s why:


Bolt: Larger than life
Gorlok: 300 picas

Bolt: Just a minute
Gorlok: two-dimensional items have little weight

Bolt: Bleacher Creature (Bleacherus creaturus)
Gorlok: It has the paws of a speeding cheetah, the horns of a fierce buffalo, and the face of a dependable Saint Bernard.

Claim to fame in Mascot Madness
Bolt: Crushed fan favorite Wilbur
Gorlok: Defending champion

World Records
Bolt: Most belly shakes in one minute (423) and most high-fours in a single game (3,202,009).
Gorlok: None on record

Unfortunate Distinction
Bolt: 210-game losing streak in Musical Chairs
Gorlok: One of only two mascots to lack an in-action shot in the competition.

Year of Birth
Bolt: 2009
Gorlok: 1988

Final pitch to voters
Bolt: I provide our fans with high-voltage entertainment, and, just like the dash in the city’s name links two proud communities, I bring people together through the greatest gift of all: laughter.
Gorlok: He embodies the highest standards of speed, agility, and stamina in an atmosphere of fairness and good conduct.

Special thanks to Webster University’s website for some of the information above.

So there you have it. Bolt versus Gorlok for a trip to Mascot Madness’ Final Four. We’ll have the link available on the blog early tomorrow morning. Thanks for voting!

– Brian


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