The Cubs Win The World Series?

In video games, the Cubs have won many championships (Darren Rovell).

I’m by no means a video game guru but I enjoy playing the sports titles each year. It was a sad day when both EA and 2K decided to stop making a college basketball game (but more on that for another day). It’s that time of year for the annual MLB games to roll out.

A past era of sports video games was defined by dueling titles for sports, but the gradual shift has been for sports to align with a brand. EA has an exclusive agreement with the NFL and essentially cornered the hockey market, while 2K Sports has a virtual monopoly on the NBA. Baseball is unique in the fact that it will still have two competing brands this season.

MLB 12: The Show was released yesterday. It’s only available for the PlayStation consoles but Sony has done a fantastic job hyping the game with a hilarious commercial. The Cubs one immediately catches you because of their World Series drought.

But the best part is the tagline: “So real, it’s unreal.” Whether that is a backhanded remark about the Cubs or not, it is funny that the core of the commercial centers on the fact that the thought of the Cubs winning the World Series is improbable.

MLB 2K12 also was released yesterday, and undoubtedly the vast majority of baseball fans consumed numerous hours trying to pitch a perfect game. This is the third year 2K has done the promotion, which seems to be a surefire way to get the disposable income out of wallets. Credit 2K as well for this enticing commercial.

This is by no means a review of either game (as I don’t currently have the time to buy or play both) but it will be interesting to see which one is the game of choice in the Dash clubhouse and across baseball this season.

And by the way, I think this celebration is a little better.

– Mike


Never saw a XBox or a PS In the club house, but reining favorite out of the clubhouse tended to be Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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