Saturday Notes

As I type this, more than 150 Dash fans are vying for an elusive spot as a National Anthem singer at BB&T Ballpark for the 2012 season. Dash Director of Marketing Brandon Cathey is documenting some of the fun on our Twitter feed, so be sure to keep an eye on that throughout the afternoon.

Let’s get you a few notes on this Saturday. It’s a weekend edition of the Dots.


  • Thanks to Ryan Manuel, the Dash’s Baseball Operations czar, for pointing this out to me earlier this week. Former Winston-Salem Warthog Brandon McCarthy, now in the Oakland Athletics’ rotation, is the reigning cover man on ESPN The Magazine. The issue revolves around analytics in sports, and the Athletics’ organization earned national recognition in this field with the “Moneyball” concept.

    Former Winston-Salem starter Brandon McCarthy is on the cover of ESPN The Magazine with his wife Amanda (ESPN Front Row).

  • According to executive editor Scott Burton in this Q&A piece on ESPN Front Row, the article on McCarthy was originally slated to be fairly short. However, McCarthy’s reliance on statistical analysis to revive his career, coupled with his great personality, begged for a significant portion of the issue.
  • Burton took a lot of pride in the McCarthy piece and the issue as a whole: “To me, this is the best storytelling we’ve done in the past year. Just because you’re talking about stats doesn’t mean you can’t tell a story too. I’m very proud to say we were able to do just that.” It’s pretty neat that a former Winston-Salem hurler was an integral part of a great publication.
  • Fans do not need to analyze many statistics to realize that McCarthy rolled through the Carolina League when he was a Warthog in 2004. In eight starts, McCarthy posted a 6-0 record and a 2.08 earned run average. The right-hander whiffed 60 CL swingers in 52 innings of work. All of that is, uh, really good.
  • Who could be the breakout pitcher in the Carolina League? In reality, none of us know. In the fictional world, however, it has to be Myrtle Beach Mermen

    Here is Kenny Powers decked out in his Mermen jersey.

    fireballer Kenny Powers. The third season of the hit series “Eastbound & Down” was filmed in part in Myrtle Beach at the home of the Pelicans. The team is even selling some Mermen merchandise.

  • Unfortunately, this will likely be the final season of “Eastbound & Down,” so there is no chance that the fictional White Sox (if they even exist in Powers’ world) will acquire the righty. Still, give credit to the Pelicans for taking advantage of such a unique opportunity. There will be plenty of “Powers 55” jerseys around the park when the Dash make their first trip to Myrtle Beach in mid-April, that’s for sure.
  • Finally, if you missed it yesterday, here is a fun look at the Dash’s broadcast team this season–Mike Lefko and I. We had fun writing it and making fun of ourselves a bit. Expect plenty of that on and off the air throughout the spring and summer.

I’ll be back Monday with some thoughts on the White Sox’s spring training opener against the Dodgers. Until then, have a great weekend!

– Brian

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