Welcome to The Dash Board

Two summers ago, I called games for the Burlington Royals, Kansas City’s rookie-level affiliate located less than an hour east of Winston-Salem. The B-Royals’ schedule included three off days during the 68-game grind.

Because I am such a baseball nut, I elected to use one of those precious off days to meet my friend Tony in Winston-Salem, and we took in a Dash game at BB&T Ballpark.

I don’t remember the final score, and I couldn’t tell you many details from that early-August clash between the Dash and the Wilmington Blue Rocks.

I did, however, come away incredibly impressed. I loved the facility, the game day staff, and the atmosphere. Just for full disclosure, I could have been in a baseball-related coma after spending the previous two months at various stadiums. Still, I think the first impression was the Dash’s doing.

There are so many stories inside BB&T Ballpark. Here at "The Dash Board," you can read about them.

Late last year, Tony once again brought me to Winston-Salem for a seasonal position with IMG College. A few months later, the opportunity to become the “Voice of the Dash” came around, and I knew that I was in for an incredible ride.

Now, I get a chance to see 70 games at beautiful BB&T Ballpark, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

This is where “The Dash Board” enters the story. “The Dash Board” is a blog dedicated to the Winston-Salem Dash. My goal is to take you outside the numbers, inside the clubhouse, on the bus trips, and in the front office.

Ultimately, this blog is for you. We want your ideas for posts before, during, and after the season. If you want us to write about the history of the Dash, we will write about it. If you want us to write about a long, overnight bus trip, we will write about it. If you want to know what Bolt does during a typical day, we will write about it.

Please e-mail me with any suggestions (brian.boesch@wsdash.com), and we will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Like many people who will stumble upon this blog, I had a great experience at a Dash game. Now, I have the opportunity to present some great stories about the Dash organization to our tremendous fan base.

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to get started!

– Brian


BB&T Ballpark is the site of one of the best days that I have ever spent with my son. He just turned five; so I hope we can look forward to many, many more. He’s learning to read, so consider us two very dedicated followers of this blog. As soon as I can get my two-year old to sit still long enough to read, you’ll have another.

Thanks for giving us another way to keep up with the Dash!

Thanks for the comment, John! Glad to have you as a loyal reader. Hope you are as excited about Opening Day as I am!

This is my 2nd year as a season ticket holder and I am gear to see the season start. The Dash board will help.

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